N95 Shaped Cotton Face Mask

Product NameN95 Shaped Cotton Mask
Product Specification3 layered cotton mask. It has Three layers of cotton fabric.
Product FeatureThe mask has resemblance in shape to an N95 mask. It comes with an adjustable nose clip which provides the right fit on face and two elasticated earloops that are welded ultrasonically to ensure proper fastening.
ProtectionProtects from dust and pollutants.
ApplicationIdeal for wearing on daily basis. Good for wearing in dusty and polluted environments. Packs features of safety with style as it is available in different colors.
ColorAvailable in multiple colours.

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N95 masks have seen exponential surge in demand for providing protection to respiratory system against viruses, bacteria, pollutant particulate matter and other microbes. At the same time, the demand has also surged for the N95 look-alike masks, also called the N95 masquarading masks. These are designed to look like the N95 masks but are not the same. Rather, these are made from cotton fabric and generally offer 3 layered protection.

While these might offer same level of protection as the real N95 masks, these are effective against pollutants and allergens, which makes these ideal for daily wearing in low risk conditions. Rhysley undertakes mass manufacturing of these masks on placement of bulk orders. We offer colour choices for mass production of these masks depending on availability of desired fabric in those colours. You can connect with us for any query regarding product features, specifications, production quantities and other details.

Anti Bacteria
Dust/Fine Particles
Comfortable Wearing Design
Isolate Pollution
5X Layer Protection
Good Breathability
Fine Materials

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