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Safety Precautions for Blister Packaging Machine Operation

Safety Precautions for Blister Packaging Machine Operation

You head onto the market to buy medicines, electrical appliances, or even toys, and you will come across one common thing, and that is packaging material, industrially known as blister packaging. This article will talk about what blister packaging is and the precautions taken to make the packaging, especially if you are starting the Blister Packaging factory.

Blister packs are made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic packaging. The rugged nature of blister packs makes them suitable for a variety of applications such as pharmaceuticals, electrical equipment and toys. Blister packs minimize the need for additional boxes and reduce packaging costs.

The blister pack (or retail pack) is a blister pack. Blister packers typically seal containers by heat-sealing the blister with an internal material. Finally, activate the heat seal layer (blister cover) and apply pressure and heat to the seams to seal the pack.

The blister machine can be configured for both hot and cold forming and for processing common foils such as PVC, PVDC, Alu / Alu, Aclar, PP. 

Safety precautions for blister packaging machine operation

  • Fill in batch records and equipment operating records promptly when the blister packaging machine operates.
  • Avoid burns by paying attention to the hot sections of the molding and heat sealing components.
  • To avoid mishaps, it is strictly forbidden to utilize foreign items or hands to reach the moving parts.
  • Regularly check the wiring harness connection to minimize friction with other moving parts, wire breakage, short circuits, and leaks.
  • For shaping, heat sealing, indentation, and other elements, the pressure should not be too high so that the packing machine's service life is not harmed;
  • The preheating temperature of each heating component may be raised suitably when the blister packing machine is newly opened. After the steady operation, the preset temperature guarantee feature can be adjusted to safeguard the heating element.
  • Maintain clean and attractive blister packing equipment. Avoid scratching or knocking the stainless steel surface with sharp objects.
  • Do not obstruct the motion channel with material;
  • Protect the mold, cutting knife, and heat-sealed anilox plate
  • When the blister packaging machine is in the process of packaging, it should be stopped at the appropriate moment if the operation is abnormal. Then it may be restarted after troubleshooting.
  • Close the compressed air and cooling water valves with the emergency stop switch when the job is done.

These tips and tricks will keep your machine safe and your workers safe while they work on creating these fabulous packages.