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How Can N95 Masks Protect You From Wildfire Smoke?

How Can N95 Masks Protect You From Wildfire Smoke?

Wildfires are now an annually occurring natural disaster globally. The wide expanse of the forest area which get affected by it makes it difficult to control wildfires using all means in short term. The harmful effects of these wildfires are not only felt by people living in close proximity but even in far off areas, wherever the smoke and ash spreads.

Smoke and ash affect eyes, nose, lungs and throat. It causes irritation, makes you cough and causes difficulty in breathing. The masks, or respirators, are good in protecting your nose, throat and lungs from smoke and ash. The N95 masks, in particular, provide a great level of protection by being able to filter out 95% of these pollutants before you inhale the breathe.

CDC recommends best guidelines to tackle wildfires 

Because of the potential damage, it can cause, CDC has come up with some great solutions in this regard. These are as follows:

  1. Reduce outdoor exposure by choosing cleaner air shelters and air spaces.
  2. Pick low-intensity exercises to reduce your smoky exposure.
  3. Limit your outdoor activities when the smoke outside is too thick
  4. Wearing a particulate respirator can protect your lungs from getting affected by wildfires.

When we talk of wearing a respirator mask, there are plenty of them in the market. So, to buy one, you should have relevant data on it to make shopping easy. These are as follows:

  1. Choose the mask called a particulate respirator where either N95 or NIOSH certification is mentioned on the packaging.
  2. Make sure that you do not purchase masks with a single strap or with straps with hooks over the nose only.
  3. Choose your perfect size that fits snugly over your nose and chin.
  4. Any leakage through the mask is not permissible.

Who needs to wear it?

  1. People who are highly involved in outdoor activities need to wear N95 masks at all costs.
  2. People going for morning or evening workouts when the air is too fogged up with smoke.
  3. People who stay indoors but they suffer from health-related ailments.

How to wear it for a snug fit?

These N95 or P100 masks by Rhysley are a great way to protect against these harmful particles and toxic gases. But what’s even more important is to find the best possible way.

  1. Place one strap below your ears and one above your ears to secure the respirator over your nose and under your chin. These Rhysley N95 masks have an exhalation valve that allows for easy breathing while preventing moisture build-up inside the mask.
  2. The metal component of the mask shall be pinched at nose bridge for a secure fit. If there are any particular instructions on the packing, please read them thoroughly to ensure a more secure fit.
  3. When you have facial hair or a beard, a good seal is impossible to achieve. As a result, a clean shave is a must to have good protection.
  4. When your respirator becomes dirty, throw it away. A good particulate respirator is clean, tidy, and unwashed, and can protect you from harmful gases and particles spread during wildfires in the Bay Area.
  5. If you become dizzy while wearing the mask, move to a less smoky place, remove your mask for a bit, and seek medical attention if necessary.